Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Usually a long stint of blog silence means the worst. This time I lost my job. My company had to let me go due to the economic disaster. The government balied out wall street and the banks. But the banks kept it and aren't lending, not to business, and in some cases not to businesses who need to make pay roll.

I was lucky to get a quick production job with Damien in Vancouver. We worked on three toy commercials. I got home in time for Thanksgiving and now I'm waiting for the next job. Hoepfully I'll continue working in production as I much prefer it. We'll see.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

There is Hope...

This is no joke folks. www.rednecksforobama.net is for real. Check it out.

Their opening story today highlights how military families are donating 6 to 1 over McCain. John McCain, the military man, who 'knows' the troops, who 'loves' the veterans, who has a plan, who wants to bomb Iran, stay in Iraq and treat the Russians like they are kindergarten bullies. McCain the decorated veteran of Vietnam who's forefathers have all served careers in the Navy. McCain who's campaign received 6 times less contributions from military families than Obama.

It amazes me that I have to find this story from RednecksforObama.net!
He's no Cantona...

But he is Dimitar Berbatov. This notion of anyone being remotely similar to Eric Cantona is ludicrous at best. The fans know it, the players know it, the club know it. Berbatov is his own man who will bring a whole new class and style of play to the greatest club in the world. It's the media that spouts out this kind of nonsense. True, Berbatov will play a similar roll, physically he is similar and will dominate the forward position particularly with his height and strength. We've already seen him as a great holder of the ball and clinical passer that brings another great Spurs player to mind, Teddy Sheringham, before Cantona. Sure, he's volatile, unpredictable and a tad bit moody, which is perhaps the main reason why there is this comparison to the greatest Manchester United player of all time. These characteristics are what built United and something that is sorely missing in todays squad with all the talent in the world but lacking that gut wrenching engine from yester-year. So when Paul Ince claims the greatest Manchester United team was in fact the one he played on and not the one today, I would tend to agree. Not only did we have Roy Keane, but we had Mark Hughes, Bruce, Pallister, Cantona, Giggs, Schmeical, all on the same team.

Berbatov has that passion and fire found in Rooney, but lacking in everyone else apart from Vidic and possibly Ferdinand. His arrival will ignite that passion in the team and supporters. I can not wait to see how this year pans out.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Dare I Believe...

"Could the quiet seed of joy that was planted in my heart the day I heard Barack Obama speak for the first time take root and grow without fear of the brutal storms of disappointment?" Courtney E. Martin

Read the rest of a great article I read at lunch today.
Rush Limbaugh

Shameful fear-mongering rant. The right are getting desperate.

I considered posting a picture of this man but writing this makes my stomach churn as it is. You see, I like to check up on the out-of-their-minds right-wing lunes, as it is they that 'educate' some of the most die-hard Republican voters. Talk radio is a very powerful voice in America and when you have preachers of hate, like Rush Limbaugh, twisting the minds of good rural American's who may not have internet access or other means to make up their own minds, you are left in a very delicate situation. Limbaugh is the most listened to radio talk show host in the country. I urge you to read this regurgitated spew of hate and lies about Barack Obama from his radio show. A caller even calls in answering Limbaugh's question "what has Barack ever done for you?", and Rush continues his tirade as if the question was never answered.

It concerns me more so that a man, if you can call him that, has so much influence on lesser minds and those who need more fuel for their fire. He must have really bad karma.

And what's worse? Limbaugh can not stand John McCain, so much so that he said he would vote for Hillary if she went up against him! I mean, who takes this crap seriously?

Thursday, October 02, 2008

The New Corporate Part-Time Job Deal

This is unbelievable, so much so that I have to write about it. In fact I love this stuff because it's so fucking ridiculous.

Lisa has been searching for another part time job. She already has one at her college but needs another as things are a little tight these days - to say the least. So, amongst other things (book shops etc.), she applies to a half dozen places in the mall. Well she gets a call back from Bath & Body Works to work on the weekends. It's not a cutesy little bookshop or used clothes store but it will do until something better comes along. Lisa breezes through the interview and is told to start the next weekend.

Here's her inaugural first day.

1. She is trained by a dvd. Each episode on the dvd explains how she is to do her job and how to conduct herself during the day. At the end of each episode she must sign some legal jargon saying she fully reviewed the chapter and now understands what to do.

2. She is to be given shifts of no more than 4 hours at a time. This means the company does not have to give her any 15 minute breaks, lunch break or pay any kind of insurance, or allow her any kind of leverage. They say it offers a better work environment. At minimum wage what's the fucking point?

3. These lowly shifts are dealt out by - wait for it - a computer. I kid you not. A computer tells her what shifts she gets based on her sales performance the previous week. Sales in which she gets no commission. I guess the more chance of her picking up extra shifts depends on how well she sells shit. A computer also can tell her she is terminated without any reason whatsoever. They expect in return 2 weeks notice if she wants to quit.

4. They will not give her a reference when she decides to move on.

Thank you o corporate world. Fuck your staff and the people that work for you. Walmart all the way! No unions and don't vote democrat what ever you do!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Check out the in-game radio stations from Grand Theft Auto IV, some of them are hilarious!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It won't be long now...

So there it was as I was getting ready to leave work last night. My grey cardigan that has been on a coat hanger the past four months. As I got ready to cycle home in my t-shirt on another warm late summer evening, I wondered if I will ever wear that cozy grey cardigan again. Apart from a wet spell in August, summer has been warm and dry. Bike rides to and from work have been in t-shirts and shorts, you couldn't ask for a more perfect place to spend summer. Not too hot, not too dry, warm days, cool evenings. It's very easy to forget winter's just around the corner. I almost miss wrapping up in my hunting jacket, Doc Martens and winter hat, braving the cold and wet that never seems go away. Let's see what I have to say a couple months from now.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

These are historic times and I am so glad I can log events as they happen here on this blog. Yesterday John McCain said he was putting his campaign on hold to fly back to Washington in order to assist in fixing financial crisis on Wall Street. McCain claimed that he asked Obama to do the same thing and to postpone the debate due to be held tomorrow night on CNN. McCain claimed he suggested they put a bi-partisan statement out together on the economy.

What actually happened was Obama called McCain first at 8:30 in the morning yesterday to talk about a joint statement. He never heard back and McCain went on the air saying it was his idea to put out a joint statement. Once again stealing the democrats ideas. Obama gave his opinion that any president should be capable of handling two things at once and therefor the debates should go ahead.

As of late Thursday McCain's stunt has become something of a joke as both Dems and Republicans feel his efforts are completely pointless. Something akin to a 2 year old helping daddy lift that heavy couch out of the living room. It is nothing more than a publicity stunt. McCain parachuting in to save the day, 'Country First'!

McCain still won't commit to the debate tomorrow night and as of now there is a very real possibility that Obama will be there, along with the audience, the host and an empty seat where John McCain should be.

In the meantime McCain has asked that the Vice Presidential debate be postponed as well. Not even during the American Civil War, 150 years ago, did they postpone a debate. This is another ploy by the desperate Republican nutters to regroup and deflect attention away from their faltering poll numbers and embarrassing campaign.

Palin continues to avoid every media question asked of her, apart from those, correographed by her campaign in special interviews with leading news anchors. What is it they are so afraid of?

The wheels are falling off for McCain and it is great.
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